2.25 meter Model

This 111:1 working scale model has a 2000 W, 2.25 meter diameter rotor and will be launched for testing – rolling down a boat ramp on its 3 caster wheels. Note the 12 inch diameter styrofoam floats, and 30 inch diameter “stabilizers” made from plastic tubs with a central stainless steel rod. The nominal water level when operating is halfway up the floats. The two, 24 inch diameter propellers can be seen just aft of the fore stabilizers. Power resistors may be seen below the controls deck (just aft of the generator), which also hosts the pneumatics controls used for raising and lowering the platform removing and injecting air into/from the stabilizers. This model can operate in up to 2 foot waves, which is equivalent to 200 foot (60 meter) waves in full scale. Full scale units will be rated for waves up to 40 meters.